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Put your business on the digital map

Say 'hello' to your customers on Twitter

Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. And the wait is over: you can now connect your Twitter to Omnibiz and publish updates on it and 3 other platforms from today. Put your business on the digital map

  • Home page > Listings
  • Twitter > Connect
  • Login with the Twitter account you want to connect
  • Once connected, go to Posts > publish any update
  • We are good now

Connect to Twitter

Design like a pro using Canva on Omnibiz

We just partnered with Canva - one of the best on-the-go graphics design. No need to learn photoshop or any photo editing tools to create beautiful banners now. Design a banner like a pro via Omnibiz now

  • Home page > Profile > Banner section
  • Click Add/ Update banner
  • Create/update banner with Canva
  • Create both long (suitable for desktop users) and smaller (mobile optimized banner)
Note: The feature is best experienced using bigger screens (desktop or tabs) only

Update your banner today

Put your business on Google for free

We don't have to tell you how many people go to Google everyday - exacty ! everyone Googles these days. So, if your business is not there, there is no point in being elsewhere.

  • Home page > Listings
  • Google My Business > Connect
  • Login with a Google account and create/choose your business
  • Once connected, check your beautiful profile on Google

Put your business on the digital map

Be on Google for FREE

Manage multiple businesses from single account

You have multiple branches? Or you have single location but you run multiple businesses? We have what you need today. You can now manage them from single Omnibiz account.

  • Home page > Accounts
  • Choose the business you want to manage
  • Manage Profile
Note: you can add your branches from here and manage them.

Try the feature now

Add multiple users to manage your business account

You have multiple people who want to manage your business accounts on Omnibiz? We have what you need today. You can now manage your team, Add/remove access from your Omnibiz account.

  • Home page > Accounts
  • Go to Users section
  • Add users
Note: You are the "Owners" while the new invitee will be "users".

Try the feature now

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Get Omnibiz app for your Desktop

It's been a while we released any feature dedicated to our desktop/tab users. Try our beautiful app to manage your buisness end to end today.

Put your business on the digital map

Download Desktop App

In Summary: Thanks for reading our updates. Visit your new dashboard, and check all the new solutions. Don't forget to contact your account manager, in case you have any doubts using these new features

Omnibiz Team